Aug 02

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Book Of The Month – Kilkenny by Louis L’amour – July 2012

I real like to read.  Every chance I get I read a book.

The  story is real good.  It is about a man named Kilkenny, he is a tough man.  He was a good hand with a gun.  He had a lot of enemies that wanted  to kill him and he was helping the sheriff out to capture the bad guy. But before they capture  the  bad guy the marshal was killed.  Then the good guys were in a house and the gun men were in trees outside.   Kilkenny was up on the mountain and shot one of the men in a tree and then he came down to free the good guys.  The bad guys headed up the mountain to find Kilkenny.

You will have to read the rest to see how it ends.

I like the Louis L’Amour books because  of all the action in them.

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