Feb 09

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Hiking and Antler Hunting

Mountain Boy Shed HuntingMy Mom and I went out for a walk and I found a four point antler.  It was a good size four pointer. I tried to hide the antler from my mom and she didn’t see it at first then I smiled and showed her my find.

We headed home through the wilderness still looking for just one more antler.  It becomes addicting looking for sheds and there is so much area to cover.

We were lucky enough to get out the next day as well and I found another antler.  It was an older shed and the mice had chewed on it, but it is still usable for making something.

Mountain Boy Shed Hunting

You can use the antlers for knife handles, silverware handles, for carving, you can make buttons, you can use them for candle holders, you can use two antlers together and rattle them to call in deer and really the uses are endless.

Below are two videos from our days out.

Stay tuned my Mom and I made some things with the chewed antler that I found.

God bless!





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