Apr 23

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Let me introduce you to Adventures in Odyssey

I hope this finds you all doing well today.  I wanted to take some time today and share with you something that I greatly enjoy and think you will too!


It is a Christian podcast and also available for purchase on cd. The podcast though is FREE to listen to EVERYDAY and they talk about what to do and what not to do, like not to lie and not to steal.

They make them exciting so young people do not get bored and so you will enjoy what they are telling and hopefully learn the lessons taught each day.  Better yet, you want to go back day after day to listen to the next one.

I think that kids today could really use these podcasts.  I am going to start doing a weekly review and provide you with a link here on my website.

You can also find Adventures in Odyssey at www.Whitsend.com or www.FocusOnTheFamily.com.


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