Aug 02

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Maybe a cabin on stilts or a stilt house??




My cabin on stilts is all most done.  All the walls are done and the roof is nearly done. We put the windows in and the floor is in. We have to put the rest of the roof on and there will be a look out on top.  Yesterday we put in the top & bottom part of the dutch door and when I come back, Glen and I will finish the cabin on stilts.

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  1. Vicci

    What a great cabin, Austin!

    1. Austin

      Thanks! Glad you are reading my website.

  2. Mammy Trayer

    Awesome! Can’t wait to hear all about it. I’m anxious to get a personal tour.

    1. Austin

      Can’t wait to see you. You will get the personal tour.

  3. mam &Pap Klinger

    Wow. What a great place to sleep under the stars and watch for wild life during the day!! You are learning so many things in Idaho. The things Glen teaches you will help you when you are older and have a place of your own. Love ya Mammy and Pappy

    1. Austin

      Thanks Mammy and Pappy. I can’t wait till you can come out and see my cabin. I like what Glen teaches me.

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