Jan 22

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Our New Horse

Our New Horse - Mountain Boy JournalsWe have gotten a horse.  He is a little small, but stout.  He has packed live things and dead things on it so it is used to carrying blood which means we can use him during hunting season.  He was from a pack train in Montana originally, but we could use him for a lot of things around our homestead.

He will be a lot of fun to have around and we can use him during this trapping season to get around the wilderness.  I can use him to drag or carry my deer to the house when I kill one next hunting season.  He lives around my tree house.  He is able to go under my tree house to keep dry and out the weather.  He seems happy to be with my family and my Mom has had a good time riding him.   We are really happy to have a horse and he will be a lot of fun and very useful.   Stay tuned for many more stories about the horse, of course.


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