Jan 16

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The Rewards of Homesteading Raising Goats

The Rewards of Homesteading - raising goatsHere on our homestead, one of my chores is to care for our animals.  We have chickens, meat rabbits and milk goats.

Our two goats were expecting and the kids arrived this week.

It was very very very very cool to see the girls that I cared for deliver their little babies.

We started out with two goats and now have 6.

We have the goats for their milk because I can not drink cows milk, but I can have goats milk.

Once the babies are weened from their Momma’s we will milk them for their fresh milk so we can make different cheeses, butter, yogurt, homemade pudding and ice cream and so much more.

This experience was AWESOME and I am glad that we have the babies to take care of.

Goats are very cool and unique.  The bleat when they hear my voice and are excited to see me which is a nice feeling.

They are getting really big and spunky.  I look forward to watching them grow and do the funny things that goats do.  I also look forward to sharing some future videos with you so you too can enjoy them with me!

Thanks for joining me and look forward to some weekly posts on new happenings.

God bless!

Austin †

PS: Have you ever cared for a goat?  Do you have a funny story to share about goats in particular or maybe another animal?
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